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Joker Filmmakers “Never Believed” Their Film Was Dangerous or Would Incite Violence

Marc Maron G. Although Beets has a history in superhero films thanks to her work in Deadpool 2 , Maron, Phoenix, and especially De Niro seem out of place in a story inspired by comic books. Todd Phillips elected to film on location in New York, which meant seemingly anyone with a camera in the Big Apple took a shot at trying to snap photos of Phoenix and his co-stars in costume. Phillips found himself becoming increasingly annoyed by the paparazzi taking grainy photos from whatever long-distance angle they could muster, so he decided to cut out the middleman and put out several high-quality photos himself.

In addition to teasing filmgoers with a shot of Phoenix in Joker makeup, Phillips has fought to present other members of the cast on his terms. In September the paparazzi managed to snap a photo of Zazie Beetz's character in full costume, so Phillips retaliated by releasing a professional quality photo through his Instagram feed. When a few fans commented that they were seeing too much of the movie before it was even released, Phillips responded and explained his reasoning behind releasing the image: "We have paparazzi all over our set, at every turn.

And it bums me out that they constantly put out their bad shots. So I figure, may as well put out some good ones.

'Joker' review: A chilling story with a real-world feel - Business Insider

Jared Leto is still slated to star in his own standalone Joker film despite the backlash over his first appearance as the character in Suicide Squad , which means there will be two different iterations of the villain on screens around roughly the same time. It's unusual for a studio to pit actors against each other this way, but there's a twist: they might not be the same Joker. Since it's been confirmed that Bruce Wayne's father will play a role in the film, this suggests Phillips' story takes place when Bruce himself is still just a child. Since Batman and Joker are typically assumed to be around the same age, some fans have suggested that this iteration of the character might serve as inspiration for the Joker that Batman faces later on.

Despite being nominated for three Oscars, Joaquin Phoenix found himself thoroughly intimidated by the idea of playing the Joker — which is one of the main reasons he ultimately ended up signing on for the project. It might as well be the thing that scares you the most. This isn't the first time Phoenix has contemplated playing a comic book character, as he was one of the main actors being considered for the role of Doctor Strange. The color palette used certainly seems inspired by the makeup worn by John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer in the '70s who worked as a clown at parties and events.

Gacy's clown makeup also incorporated the wide red mouth and high blue eye paint that appears on Phoenix. The bright blue makeup around the eyes also seems to be a nod to the look that the Joker had in some of the older Batman comics , such as "The Laughing Fish" and "Sign of the Joker. Making movies might seem glamorous, but those days on the set can be long and difficult.

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Apparently, a group of extras were actually locked inside a subway car for hours — and although actors are typically guaranteed breaks during filming, sources on set reported that the extras stuck in the car were denied this relief. Since they'd been locked inside the train car for so long that they needed to use the bathroom, some irate extras ended up banging on the doors and windows — and after still being confined inside despite their protests, some resorted to urinating on the train tracks between cars.

Upon receiving complaints about the incident, the Screen Actors Guild sent a representative to handle the situation and monitor Phillips' set for the rest of the shoot. Instead, the studio plans to deliver a low-budget character study. He even forgot about the entire concept until he heard about Phillips' film and realized it was exactly the type of role he'd been imagining.

Phil Owen. The Wrap October 8, What to Read Next. Yahoo Celebrity. Yahoo Music. Yahoo Entertainment. Entertainment Tonight. Yahoo Movies.

Now and then, other actors, less worked up, pass across the stage: Bill Camp as a detective, for example, or Brian Tyree Henry as a hospital clerk, both wonderfully weary, like visitors from Planet Normal. I must admit, they come as a relief. With ticket sales, naturally, to match. It used to be popular with sports teams, rousing the crowds at N.

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Since then, understandably, the song has tumbled out of favor. Just ask the President of the United States.

Strict Rules Joaquin Phoenix Had To Follow To Become The Joker

Lest it be accused of right-wing inflammation, allowance is made for issues more congenial to the left. Earlier, he slew three fellows in suits on the grimy subway: a fell deed that was taken by the have-nots as a call to arms against the haves. Now the city swarms with a mob of the frustrated, all sporting Joker masks and wreaking indiscriminate revenge.

Arthur smiles indulgently upon them, like a wolf surveying its pups, then climbs onto the hood of a smashed vehicle and glories in the applause.

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You can sense the movie congratulating itself. More fool me.

What's 'Joker' even really about?

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